Candlemas 2. February

.....  the light returns…….....




∞Time for visions∞


∞Planted in our bodies∞


∞Tend them and take care of them∞


∞For the light is coming back∞



 We notice that the days are getting longer. This is the time when we may look forward to spring, but it has not arrived yet. We have to wait and endure frequent cold, wet and dark days. Other days are bright and full of sunshine; we can feel the warmth of the sun. It’s a time of transition. Every transition is difficult, but they can also be productive and creative, bringing something new. We may trust whatever warmth there is, outside as well as inside, even if there are cold and dark periods in between.


 Candlemas. Time for Visions. Let your visions gleam and glitter. This is not the time to think about reality. Let your visionary images surface. Just like the sun glittering on snow crystals and icicles. We don’t have to think about how our visions might come true. The earth is still naked and bald. We don’t have to water, nourish and tend yet. For now it is important to anchor our plans and dreams deep in the ground and in ourselves.


Ritual for Candlemas: If the weather is nice – perhaps the sunlight is dancing on a thousand snow crystals – we go outside. We look for a birch tree or even a small group of birch trees. The birch stands for new beginnings and fresh starts. We look back one more time and leave darkness and sorrow behind, including all that is heavy and full of sorrow in our lives. After that we give ourselves space for our visions. You might meditate, leaning against the trunk of a birch, or you might take a long walk that will clear your head and free your thoughts. Again and again we return to the question: what is our vision for this year? What do I want to create this year? What do I want to obtain? Should the weather be dark and cloudy, we make ourselves cosy with light and warmth inside our homes. And give ourselves space to develop our visions.


 As soon as we have a clear image, we light a candle to bring our vision into the world. It is a nice touch to let the candle burn down completely and not to snuff it out early (only if it is safe, e.g. if you put the candle in a glass).


Finally we celebrate with a festive meal. In the days that follow we don’t forget to take care! Transitions are difficult times, requiring you to take care of yourself and to treat yourself with love. The darkness and the heaviness are still there and will take up some time and room. Be careful that your vision doesn’t get lost in it.


Position of the feast in the annual cycle: We are returning to the light from the dark season. After dreaming peacefully in the darkness of the dark season, we now plant the seeds of our visions deep inside us. Now they are allowed to grow. We need to make sure that they will germinate when the seeds start growing at the beginning of spring.


Today is about creatively changing our most daring hopes and dreams into glittering visions. Only at the beginning of spring will we think about making the seeds grow, how to tend them and nourish them.